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Private Parties
Corporate Events
  • Is this facility only utilized for weddings?
    We welcome all types of events at KTN Ballroom.
  • How much does it cost to rent a ballroom?
    Prices vary depending on guest count, the event date and any additional services.
  • Does the KTN Ballroom have multiple ballrooms?
    Yes, we have the Grand Ballroom and Crystal Ballroom.
  • What is the capacity of the KTN Ballroom?
    The maximum capacity for the Grand Ballroom is up to 350 guests seated reception style. The maximum capacity for the Crystal Ballroom is up to 80 guests seated reception style.
  • Can I have a wedding reception and ceremony at the KTN Ballroom?
    Yes, you can have both a wedding reception and ceremony with the following options: Option 1) Traditional Ceremony If you prefer a traditional type of ceremony, where rows of chairs are aligned theatre style, you must have the ballroom ‘flipped’ after the ceremony is complete. Flipping the room can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes to complete the transition from a ceremony set up to a reception set up depending on the number of guests and reception tables. The process to flip the ceremony to reception style requires an additional $350 for this service. The wedding party can take advantage of this time to take photographs on the stage while the ballroom is being flipped However, all other guests will be required to vacate the ballroom over to the prefunction area for cocktail hour. Option 2) Reception Style Ceremony The ceremony is set up similar to that of a traditional ceremony except that the guests will be seated at the tables with reception style setup rather than theatre style rows. Reception style is ideal for those who would like a ceremony without a break in between for a flip.
  • If I have a ceremony, is there an additional cost?"
    With either option listed above, there will be a $500 ceremony fee. This ceremony fee includes time for a rehearsal during the week of the wedding during office hours, Monday through Friday, between 10am-5:00pm. The rehearsal is typical held the day before the wedding unless the date is booked. In any event, if the date is booked after the rehearsal is scheduled, the event takes precedence and the rehearsal must be rescheduled.
  • Can I just have a wedding ceremony?
    Unfortunately, a wedding ceremony cannot be held alone. A wedding ceremony must be accompanied by a reception. However, a wedding ceremony is not required for a standalone reception.
  • Can we prepare or set up the ballroom in advance?
    All clients and caterers will have 3 hours before the event start time to set up. If the ballroom is not used immediately before your event, you may be able to come 2-3 days in advance to set up. This is strictly on a case-by-case basis and it is not guaranteed. Please consult with the ballroom representative to discuss these options.
  • I want to be able to bring in my own caterer. Is this allowed?
    If the preferred caterers cannot accommodate a certain request, an approval can be granted on a case-by-case basis. If approved, all caterers must provide proof a catering business license and general liability insurance in order to cater the event. All outside caterers must abide by KTN Ballroom regulations and meet the necessary guidelines in order to cater the event.
  • Can I supply my own alcoholic beverages?
    KTN Ballroom does not sell or supply alcoholic beverages. If you would like to serve alcoholic beverages at your event, you must cater in alcohol through a caterer with an alcohol license. KTN Ballroom must obtain a copy of the alcohol license, general liability insurance and special events permit at least 30 days prior to the event. A licensed bartender must serve the alcohol at the event. A licensed bartender must be hired through the beverage caterer for the event under the beverage caterer. Please refer to question 12 for further information. Please note, the licensed beverage caterer is only required for events serving alcohol. If you are only providing non-alcoholic beverages, you may provide your own. KTN Ballroom has preferred caterers for both catering and alcoholic beverages. To bypass the process of newly obtaining required licenses and permits please inquire for vendors who are already licensed within the City of Duluth.
  • What if I want to caterer in alcohol through another caterer who is NOT within the City of Duluth?
    If the caterer is not operating within the city of Duluth, the caterer must go through the Duluth Alcohol Excise Division t o file the necessary paperwork for an annual catering license and attend an alcohol handling awareness class. Note that to file for an annual catering license, the cost ranges from $100-$200. However, if your caterer already has a catering license through their jurisdiction (other than City of Duluth), then they can file for an ‘off-premises permit catering license’ for $50 per event. Note that most jurisdictions don’t issue catering licenses, so more than not, the caterer will have to file for an annual catering license, which comes with paperwork and class attendance. Paperwork necessary will be, but not limited to: anlcohol license, catering license by licensing jurisdiction and a permit fee. See Section 3-259 of the Duluth, Georgia Code of Ordinances Chapter 3 – Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, Licensing and Regulations.
  • Can I hire my own bartender to serve my drinks?
    Bartenders must also be covered under general liability insurance as the caterers are required. Licensed bartenders must be hired through your Alcohol Beverage Licensed Caterer or you may hire one through a City of Duluth licensed caterer.
  • Can alcohol be sold at the event?
    Alcohol can only be sold during a fundraiser event organized by a non-profit organization. Alcohol must be brought in through a licensed wholesaler or donated. See Section 3-253 of the Duluth, Georgia Code of Ordinances Chapter 3 – Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, Licensing and Regulations.
  • Where can I find the complete Code of Ordinances for the City of Duluth, Georgia?"
    Click belowhere for the complete Duluth Georgia Code of Ordinances Chapter 3 – Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, Licensing and Regulations.
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